Hi All, And Welcome!

So you’ve stumbled across a Declutter Blog. Hi, my name is Amanda and I am passionate about simple living, specifically in relation to the items in our homes. Not so much simplified schedules and how to be more efficient, although those are good pursuits ideally, but how our possessions aid or hinder those possibilities.

Am I a minimalist? A little, but only under the terms that I have intentionally minimized my possessions to better serve the functionality of my home. We still have a lot of stuff and I’m ok with that – most days. I still enjoy creative, colorful spaces that others might view as over done.

We are messy. I’m a homeschool mom of two kids; of course we are messy, but mess is not clutter (more on that later). Some days I’m in survival mode, neglecting to bathe or take time for me, but it’s not because I’m covered up with a long list of stuff-related duties as it once were.

This space. This blog will be a bit of me. I’ll combine my passion for intentional living with some fun DIY organization projects. I’ll use this as an extension to a biblical curriculum I wrote earlier this year under the same name – Life Less Cluttered.

and so it begins…