Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to declutter?

Let me start with what it is not. Decluttering is not organization. It’s not a weekend purge. It’s not a game to see how much you can get rid of in as little time as possible. Although the above mentioned can aid in the process of decluttering, decluttering is simply a way of life. It’s a changed perspective. Decluttering is living with systems in your home that counteract the negative effects of buying and keeping too much stuff.

How do you declutter?

I declutter consistently and daily. Initially, the pace that I was removing things from my home was much faster with larger amounts of stuff, but now, several years later I declutter much slower, removing only a box of stuff from my home once every few months. I still use the same process today that I started 5 years ago and it keeps me accountable to refrain from indulging in clutter causing practices.

Why should I hire a declutter coach?

Accountability and guidance. Getting rid of stuff is hard and not buying stuff is contrary. There are many reasons that lead to over consumption of stuff. Living in a state of constant clutter negatively impacts our emotions and well being. Clutter doesn’t just enter our homes without reason, but sometimes it can be hard to pinpoint the specific actions that cause us to remain trapped in our stuff. Decluttering needs to be a slow process through which self awareness evolves and life long habits are developed to begin the journey to living life less cluttered.

What are you going to tell me to get rid of?

Nothing. It’s not my job to tell you to get rid of anything and you should never discard something you are not ready to move past. But I do ask that you get rid of assumptions. Assumptions have a fine way of holding us in fear, and fear holds us back from doing some things that we need to do, so let’s not get lost in the second guessing. If you feel like you need help tackling your clutter, then let me help you see it through. We’ll go as slow or fast as you are comfortable with and we won’t discuss the untouchables (until you’re ready). You don’t have to face the hard stuff first. I’m sure there’s plenty to sort through before we get to the deal breakers. Let’s start easy and go from there.

Will you come organize my house?

At the time I do not make in-house appointments. I am not a professional organizer. Think of our time together as the prequel to organizing your house. I firmly believe one must declutter THEN organize, otherwise you might just end up with organized clutter. You can organize clutter, but if you declutter first you’ll spend less time in the future organizing the stuff you use and enjoy.

What is the difference between coaching and counseling?

Coaching is not a substitute for psychological counseling, licensed therapy or medical advice. Coaching not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any mental health or medical conditions. The objective of a Life Coach is to help a client look at where they are, where they want to be, and how to achieve a specific goal. Life coaches are not licensed medical or counseling professionals and should never be hired in place of one.

What else to I need to buy to start this process?

Nothing. Almost. You’re going to need some boxes and I recommend a note pad and a pen. It’s a great idea to take notes during our session and expect that I’ll be doing the same. I don’t believe in buying things to get rid of things. Sounds pretty illogical, doesn’t it? It’s counter productive to spend money on organization systems before you have decluttered. Buying stuff to store stuff before you know if you even want or need the stuff can really derail your efforts to create life-changing habits. To set up a free phone consultation, check out the calendar to schedule a time.

How many sessions should I expect to reserve?

There is no hard and fast answer for this, but I would say no less than 4, and on average 8-10. Sessions are weekly or every other week via Zoom. I take sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons and occasionally have availability on Saturday mornings. Availability subject to change. Please reach me through my contact page or llesscluttered@gmail.com for any other specific questions or concerns.

At one time, all the things that are clutter were
things that we thought we needed or wanted.

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